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Custom signs can be made almost any size and with almost any artwork. You can choose almost any font you like. Custom signs are not limited to letters. Logos, signatures, your kid's hand print, your dog's profile, virtually any high contrast art source can be used.

See what is possible then fill in the quote request form where you can describe the sign you want. You can even upload a sketch or cad drawing of the sign you want. You will be e-mailed a quote.

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Custom signs can be made almost any size. There is no minimum size for a sign, but letters must be a minimum of about 1 inch tall.

Details of less than 1/8" don't reproduce well so that limits how small something can be made.

There is no limit to how large a sign we can make except that the copper we work with comes in 2'x 8' sheets. Any sign larger than that will need to be made from multiple pieces

Custom signs can be made any shape.

Send us a tracing of that big fish you caught last season and we can make a sign that shape.

Scan that perfect leaf you found in the garden and we can make a sign that shape.

Sketch a profile of the 8 foot tall invisible rabbit who follows you around and we can make a sign that shape (life size too if that's what he wants).

Do you remember the first memo you got where someone had used 20 different fonts on one page? Nowdays there are tens of thousands of different fonts to choose from and thankfully some of the novelty has worn off.

Web sites like have a huge selection free fonts you can download. Pick your font, pick your message, we'll make your sign.

We can use virtually any font for your custom sign. We suggest you avoid anything too elaborate as details smaller than 1/8 inch don't come out clearly.

Of course you don't need to use a font at all. We can work from any high contrast art source. We can make a sign from your handwriting, from your logo, from your cat's paw print. . .

Our most popular background textures are smooth and hammered. These reflect the look of old fashioned craftsmanship which is so prized.

But there is no need to be stuck in the past. We can create just about any texture you can imagine. From tree bark to the dimples on a golf ball, and those are just a few of our stock textures. Need scales for your fish sign? Anything is possible with a custom sign.
Our process is extremely versatile and we can work with just about any artwork you provide. Scan that brilliant sketch you made on that cocktail napkin. Send us a picture of your favorite tatoo. We can work with anything.

We do charge for design time so the better you artwork the cheaper your sign will be.

The key to good artwork is a high contrast image. Picture your artwork as a black and white image with no greys. The black parts will be the raised letters, the white parts will be the background.

The best artwork for us to work from is a vector image like a cad drawing or an illustrator file. You can draw your sign exactly as you want it made and it will be cheaper than if we need to spend a lot of time creating the artwork.

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Copper can be turned many different colors using chemicals to simulate natural weathering.

Typical colors are in the red, brown, blue and green ranges.

Other colors are possible but they don't look natural. But if you want a purple copper sign we can do it.

Some More Ideas
Signs are the mainstay of our business, but that's not all we can do. The same process which makes our signs can be used to make anything of raised copper. Here are some of the possibilities to consider:

In the kitchen:

Raised copper backsplash
Raised copper cabinet doors
Raised copper appliance panels
Raised copper range hood

Around the house:

Raised copper doors
Raised copper garage door panels
Raised copper architectural panels
Raised copper mouldings


Raised copper artwork
Raised copper picture frames
Raised copper mirror frames

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