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Frequently Asked Questions about

How long will my copper sign last?
There are well preserved copper artifacts from ancient Rome. Your copper sign will probably last longer than any other part of your house.

Are these signs "green"?
We are committed to making a beautiful long lasting product by the most environmentally friendly process possible. Metals are among the most recycled materials there are. They have a high values and they are easy to reclaim and reuse. Our signs have a high recycled material content and 100% of our scrap is reused or recycled. The steel frames are finished with a zero VOC powdercoating system. One of the most overlooked aspects of green consumerism is longevity. In the long run the greenest product is often the one which lasts the longest. Copper lasts practically forever.

How are your signs different from to other address plaques?
Most address signs are made of cast aluminum. Because of the way the casting process works you are limited to a few designs. You have no choice of font and no choice of texture. You can't get a truly custom sign because it costs too much to make the custom mold.

Our signs are made by a completely new process which lends itself to complete customization. You can choose from our stock designs or you can make your own. You have unlimited choices of shape, font, texture, frame, patina. You name it and we can make it.

The cast signs come in lots of colors. Why do you offer only a few?
Cast signs are made of aluminum which isn't a very pretty metal to look at. Picture the top of a soft drink can. You probably wouldn't want a sign that color. They have to be painted so it is easy to for the maker to offer a wide choice of colors.

Our signs are made of real copper. Copper is a beautiful metal. If left to its own devices it will usually turn a nice brown, but in ocean front settings and places where there is air pollution it sometimes turns greenish or even bluish. These are all natural patinas which develop over many years. We can accelerate the process in the shop by applying concentrated chemicals to the copper. What takes decades to achieve in nature can be done in a few days and you don't need to wait years for your sign to turn green (which it might never do on its own).

We don't usually paint our signs (although we are happy to if that's what you really want) because we think copper is a beautiful, honest, natural material which just gets better with age.

How long does it take to make my copper sign?
Allow 4-6 weeks from the time you order your sign.

The housewarming party is next week can I get a sign made in time?
We may be able to accommodate a rush order depending on the work schedule. E-mail your request and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. A rush charge and overnight shipping charges may apply.

What maintenance will my copper sign require?
If you are content to have your copper sign age naturally and gracefully it will require less maintenance than the wall it is attached to. Simply hose it off it if gets dirty. We protect the copper with a UV-resistant outdoor lacquer which keeps it looking great for years.

Can I make my own frame?
Frames are optional with custom signs. The raised copper sign is fairly thin so it should be supported by a frame or by attaching it directly to a wall. You can make your own frame out of wood or anything else you can imagine.

How do I order a stock address sign?
On the stock signs ordering page you select the style and options you want and enter your numbers. Click on the order button. Enter your contact,delivery and credit card information and your order is placed.
How do I order a totally custom sign?
Fill out the custom request form or send us an e-mail describing exactly what you want. You can attach photos or drawings. You can scan the cocktail napkin sketch and send that. Our sign making process works with virtually any silhouette. It can be numbers, text, your kid's handprints, a profile of your dog. . . almost anything. We take inspiration in whatever form it comes. You can send virtually any type of file: JPEG,GIF, EPS, Illustrator, Photoshop, DXF, TurboCAD, or AutoCAD. Custom sign quotes include a charge for design time so the more specific you can be the better (and cheaper). A precise vector drawing of your letters is the easiest for us to work with, but we can work from your kid's crayon sketch if need be.

You will receive an e-mail when your quote is ready. Click on the link in the email or enter your quote id on the website and you can review your quote to make sure it is exactly what you want. To order your sign just click the buy now button.

Can you make a sign from a photograph?
That depends on the photo. A high contrast image of letters will work well. A photo of someone's face won't. The key is high contrast. The light areas in the photo become raised areas in the sign, the dark areas become background. Or vice versa.

How detailed can a sign be? How small can the letters be?
Our process is limited to details of about 1/8". Letters can be made as small as about 3/4" tall.

How large can a sign be?
The sheets of copper we work with are 3' wide by 10' long. Any sign larger than that will need to be pieced from several pieces.

Do you sell signs wholesale?
Yes. We are always looking for qualified retailers either storefront, internet or direct mail with whom to partner. We can provide in-store samples and display items as well as tear sheets and ordering information. Please send us an email if you are interested.

Do you offer a trade discount?
We are happy to offer consideration to the trade for qualified parties. Please send an email inquiry.

Do you offer a volume discount?
We are happy to offer a volume discount on orders of two or more signs of the same design when the order is placed at the same time. Please send an e-mail inquiry and we woudl be glad to help you.

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